Zach Rhoads 
Zach Rhoads is a consultant for teachers and families.

He will work with families and educators to repaint the narrative of children labeled “Stubborn, manipulative, mean, oppositional (etc)” and allow them to flourish by simply growing into their unique potential.

Common requests involve:

Aggressive behavior
Sensory discomfort
Building meaningful relationships

"A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age."
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Zach worked with my family and my son for 2 years.
My child was having difficulties transitioning between activities and communicating with both peers and educators. He would often become irate when things would not go his way and eventually he would act out in an unsafe manner.

Zach was brought in to help him with de-escalation techniques and provide stability in his day-to-day schedule. He began implementing systems to help my son make good decisions and understand the tasks that were required of him.

Zach has an uncanny ability to stay levelheaded and calm in even the most outrageous and unwarranted behavioral situations. I have witnessed this personally during several occasions. He also provided much needed support outside of the school by offering my family techniques to use and implement outside of the classroom. His dedication and commitment to helping my son were above and beyond to say the least.

The improvement in my child’s behavior, self-esteem and scholastic ability
today is extraordinary and I strongly credit Zach for much of his social
My family feels very blessed to have him working with us.

Eric Milano:


“Zach is able to genuinely respect and connect with children, teachers, and parents. He is able to help adults understand and respond effectively when unexpected behavior occurs! Zach has long said, “The child is not bad, but the behavior choice s/he is making may be preventing their success).
Zach will supportively and non judgmentally explain how adults may be reinforcing challenging behavior, what to do instead, and how to hold children responsible for their choices while learning new patterns of behavior.
I HIGHLY recommend Zach to work with you to help you and your child to their best.”

Shari Carr

- Behavior Specialist
- Planning Room Director, Williston, VT
- Certified Teaching Parent
“Trying to advocate for your child in a world inundated with information, lack of information, strong opinions, and everything in between, is bewildering to say the least.
Zach has the ability to evaluate a situation, or a behavior, and succinctly provide insight. Then he will work with you on a plan geared towards your child’s strengths.
He connects with children on their own level, without judgement, or pressure. I’ve learned so much about my own child, and maybe even more about myself while working with Zach. I’ve not met a person more suited to advocate for and work with children than Zach Rhoads.”

Zach DeFranco: